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01 April 2006


Matriculation Division was initiated on 1 September 1998 set off to centralise, standardise and manage all pre-university programmes, which were conducted by local public higher learning institutions. Officers and staffs were gradually assigned to its temporary office at Technology of Education Division, Persiaran Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur led by former Director of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s Matriculation Centre, Dr. Mokhtar B. Bidin. The team later shifted to a permanent office at Wisma Kg. Attap, Kuala Lumpur in June 1999.
Proposal to set up the Matriculation Division was tabled in the Cabinet meeting on March 10th, 1999 and was approved officially on June 1st, 1999. Aside from the Matriculation Division, Melaka Matriculation College and Labuan Matriculation College were also built, each capable of accommodating 3,000 and 500 students respectively. These colleges, along with 18 other selected private higher learning institutions began their first intake on July 19th, 1999, with 8,465 students overall. Gradually three additional Matriculation colleges were built and ready for operation. They began their session in January and July 2000. They were:
1. Negeri Sembilan Matriculation College
2. Pulau Pinang Matriculation College
3. Perlis Matriculation College
Realising the needs and urgency to cater more students into the Matriculation Programme, five more colleges are being built. They are:
1. Perak Matriculation College
2. Johor Matriculation College
3. Selangor Matriculation College
4. Kedah Matriculation College
5. Pahang Matriculation College
The second intake commenced on January 2000. 48,000 students took a special entrance exam on 14th December 1999 and 12,000 students were offered to undergo the Matriculation Programme. 5,350 students were later offered for the third intake in June 2000.
6,040 students from the first intake passed their Matriculation Programme and were offered to enrol their first degree in various fields such as medicine, pharmacy, computer science and technology, engineering, accounting, education and others.
The Matriculation Programme is a pre-university course to cater bumiputera students who had finished their Malaysia Certificate of Education (MCE) or Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) before enrolling their first degree, particularly in the critical and professional fields such as science, technology and accounting.
The programme is conducted in two semesters or one year. Its balanced curriculum is designed to bring about students who are knowledgeable, well mannered and possess good leadership. The syllabus and methods used to conduct the programme are standardised throughout all colleges.
Set forth to become a vital organisation in preparing and producing qualified bumiputera students for higher learning institutions, particularly in the professional fields.
To ensure that the Matriculation Programme is designed and conducted at its best and be recognised by local and over sea higher learning institutions.
Our objectives are as follow:
1. To produce sufficient matriculation graduates to enrol in professional degree courses in local and over sea higher learning institutions.
2. To develop potential individuals in a holistic and integrated manner, as being outlined in the National Philosophy of Education to become forthcoming bumiputera professionals and future leaders.
3. To consistently upgrade students’ knowledge and potentials to the maximum to fill the vacancies in the professional fields among the bumiputeras.

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